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There are a number of good plans out there for reading through the Bible. Most of these are set up such that you can complete a reading in one year’s time. The plan arranged by Scottish pastor Robert Murray McCheyne [1813-1843] is perhaps the most famous and most used of these plans. Following McCheyne’s plan, you will read through the Old Testament once and through the New Testament and Psalms twice in a year. There are various other schedules under other plans. Regardless of which plan you use, it is a good and necessary goal for the new year, to be in the Word of God on a daily basis.

But first, a few cautions and some wise advice:
How Not to Read Your Bible in 2013

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan:
Available in print at most Christian bookstores or from various ministries, this plan can also be found at lots of places on the Web. Here are just a few:
(1.) M’Cheyne Reading Plan PDF  [to print out or save to your computer]
(2.) Another PDF format.
(3.) As a free app for use with Olive Tree Bible Software.

Ligonier Ministries presents a wide variety of Bible reading plans here. Something to suit everyone’s preferences and schedules:

The Gospel Coalition has another similar offering of many plans.

And a somewhat novel approach, Reading the Bible in Chunks (reading whole books or sections in one sitting)

Lastly, I also offer A Reading Plan for the Psalms, with about 40-50 verses per day on average. This is something that I arranged some years back, and post here for my own convenience and guide, with the prayer that it might encourage others to read through the Psalms each month.
Book One:
Day 1: Psalms 1 – 8
Day 2: Psalms 9-16
Day 3: Psalms 17-20
Day 4: Psalms 21-25
Day 5: Psalms 26-31
Day 6: Psalms 32-35
Day 7: Psalms 36-41
Book Two:
Day 8: Psalms 42-47
Day 9: Psalms 48-52
Day 10: Psalms 53-59
Day 11: Psalms 60-66
Day 12: Psalms 67-69
Day 13: Psalms 70-72
Book Three:
Day 14: Psalms 73-77
Day 15: Psalm 78 only
Day 16: Psalms 79-84
Day 17: Psalms 85-88
Day 18: Psalm 89 only
Book Four:
Day 19: Psalms 90-94
Day 20: Psalms 95-101
Day 21: Psalms 102-104
Day 22: Psalms 105-106
Book Five:
Day 23: Psalms 107-109
Day 24: Psalms 110-115
Day 25: Psalms 116-118
Day 26: Psalm 119 only
Day 27: Psalms 120-131
Day 28: Psalms 132-136
Day 29: Psalms 137-143
Day 30: Psalms 144-150

And for encouragement in reading the Psalms, J.C. Ryle on Christ in the Psalms—

We have probably little idea how much deep truth is contained in the book of Psalms. No part of the Bible perhaps is better known in the letter, and none so little understood in the spirit. We err greatly if we suppose that it is nothing but a record of David’s feelings, of David’s experience, David’s praises, and David’s prayers. The hand that held the pen was generally David’s. But the subject matter was often something far deeper and higher than the history of the son of Jesse.

The book of Psalms, in a word, is a book full of Christ—Christ suffering—Christ in humiliation—Christ dying—rising again—Christ coming the second time—Christ reigning over all. Both the advents are here—advent in suffering to bear the cross—the advent in power to wear the crown. Both the kingdoms are here—kingdom of grace, during which the elect are gathered—the kingdom of glory, when every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. Let us always read the Psalms with a peculiar reverence. Let us say to ourselves as we read, “A greater than David is here.”

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