May 11: An Entry in J. J. Janeway’s Diary

Lacking a sermon tied to today’s date, we will visit again today the always profitable diary of the Rev. Jacob J. Janeway, the Philadelphia pastor and close friend of the early Princeton professors.


J.J. JanewayMay 11. “By the blessing of God I perceive the necessity of acquiring more courage. I have in the last week made struggles to overcome my fear of the face of man. I endeavoured to shame myself out of it, to summon the energies of my soul, and blessed be God, I have gained ground. Oh! my soul, how shameful for thee, who hadst the Almighty Jehovah on thy side, to be afraid of any creature. Oh! to have no fear before my eyes but the fear of God. The Lord assist me in the sermon on which I am now laboring. May the Spirit give me such clear and penetrating views, that I may, with force, conviction, and effect, illustrate the happiness of the good man. For Christ’s sake—Amen.”  



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