October 9: William Swan Plumer

A Rare Gift to the Church

Filed under “They just don’t write ’em like that any more.” — This is a resolution by the 1881 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, US, as shown on page 363 of their Minutes for that year:

The Committee recommend the adoption of the following Minute:

Whereas, it pleased the Great Head of the Church to remove, in October 1880, from the scene of his earthly labors, that he might be with Him where He is, and behold His glory, Rev. W. S. Plumer, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Pastoral and Casuistic Theology in Columbia Seminary, by appointment of this body:

Resolved, That this Assembly does now record its testimony to the personal worth, eminent piety, unremitting industry and zeal, and official fidelity of this distinguished servant of Christ. Our deceased brother was a rare gift of the ascended Redeemer to his militant Church, and we render to Him thanks for that grace which qualified our brother for his varied and abundant labors—for his long and useful life, and for the testimony of his lips, life and death to the truth, preciousness and power of that gospel which was his comfort, joy and trust, living and dying.

Words to Live By:
Our Lord is constantly watching over His Church, providing for her every need. And in each generation, He raises up those leaders that the Church will need to carry her through the challenges of the day, equipping her to do the work of the Gospel. Pray for your pastors, and pray for those who will come into leadership in the near future. Pray that they would be strong in the Scriptures, that their lives would be marked by holiness and purity, and that they would be faithful before the Lord in all they do and say.


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