December 9: Presbyterian Churchmen United

It is commonly noted that there were four main organizations that were formative of the Presbyterian Church in America :
1. Concerned Presbyterians, a layman’s group led by ruling elders;
2. Presbyterian Churchmen United, an organization for pastors;
3. The Presbyterian Journal, a magazine begun in 1942; and
4. The Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, a ministry focused on revival.
The Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS should probably be added to that list, given that some sixty-three of the PCA’s founding fathers had graduated from RTS, even though the school had only just been organized as recently as 1964.

But to our point, the publications issued by the first two of the above groups can now be accessed online at the PCA Historical Center’s web site.

Following the late 1964 organization of Concerned Presbyterians (good evidence that it was the ruling elders who were leading the movement for renewal in the Church!), an organization specifically for pastors was later formed in 1969 under the title Presbyterian Churchmen United. Contactthe newsletter issued by this group, first appeared in May of 1970. Then, just prior to the formation of the Presbyterian Church in America (in December of 1973), the group accordingly published their closing issue in September, 1973.

With the posting of these two newsletters, all can now read of those days, the concerns, the challenges, their hopes and the Lord’s blessings.

These were the days of small beginnings! Our God has been and always remains faithful! May He be praised. May we be found faithful to His covenant and obedient to His Word.

Click the cover image below to view the contents and to access issues of Contact :


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