November 29: Mencken’s Obituary for Machen

As they say, “And now for something entirely different.”

On this Friday following Thanksgiving—hopefully for most a day at home to relax—we hope you will take time to watch this most informative video clip. It runs just under 13 minutes.

This video came to my attention yesterday–a documentary on one of the leading voices in defence of Biblical orthodoxy during the Modernist Controversy in the first several decades of the 20th century—the Rev. J. Gresham Machen. Contemporary to Dr. Machen was the journalist, social critic and agnostic H. L. Mencken, who, despite his disagreements with Machen on the truth of Scripture & even the existence of God, nonetheless highly admired Machen & wrote an obituary for him that pays him great tribute. Pastor Jason Wallace of Christ Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Magna, UT, who produced this film, asked Chris Arnzen, radio host at Iron Sharpens Iron, to record, in his imagined voice of Mencken (“guided only by the image of a grizzled jounalist holding a cigar in one hand & a glass of bourbon in the other”), Mencken’s obituary for Machen, which dominates this brief documentary. Enjoy.


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