June 2: Independent Presbyterian Church

A rare historical event took place in Savannah, Ga., June 2 – 5, 1955 when the time-honored Independent Presbyterian Church held its Bicentennial celebration. The Journal has just received the elaborate printed program, beginning with a Watch Night Service at 11 P. M. Thursday,June 2nd. At midnight the bells pealed forth the beginning of a new century, the congregation standing to “All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name,” followed by prayer and the benediction voiced by the present pastor. Rev. James English Cousar, Jr., D.D. Then followed three days of historic memorial exercises, including addresses by Rev. Daniel Iverson, D.D., Rev. Samuel McPheeters Glasgow, D.D., and Rev. William Childs Robinson, D.D.

The most attractive booklet giving an outline of the history of this famous old church, beginning with its organization in 1755, is illuminated by photographs of Dr. Cousar, the present pastor; Dr. Henry Kollock, pastor 1806-1819; Dr. Willard Preston, pastor, 1831-1856; Dr. I. S. K. Axson, pastor 1857-1891, father-in-law of Woodrow Wilson; Dr. Waddy H. Hudson, missionary to China, 1893-1941; Dr. (Mrs.) Nettie Grier, M.D., missionary to China, 1893-1940, and a drawing of the magnificent interior of the church, published in London, Nov. 1, 1831. This building was burned in 1889. The celebration was an epochal event in the life of this world-famous old church, as also for the city of Savannah.

The Southern Presbyterian Journal, 14.11 (13 July 1955): 12-13.

Pastor Terry Johnson has faithfully served the congregation of the Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia, since 1987. We invite you to visit the church’s web site by clicking the embedded link, tour their site and perhaps listen to a few of Rev. Johnson’s sermons. The history of this historic church is posted here.


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