November 15: A Sabbath-Day Meditation

A Sabbath-day meditation from Richard Sibbes, who I like to call my favorite Anglican!–a brief excerpt from one of his sermons, titled “The Saints Safety in Evil Times.” (Works, vol. 1, p. 309) :

Even such, and much more, is God’s mercy to His children, and justice against His enemies. Behold what great things He has done for them, (Ps. 126:2). Shall the heathen say so, and shall not Israel much more? Beloved, we ought to seek out God’s works, and shall we not take notice of them when they are offered to our view? This is especially the duty of the saints of God. ‘All Thy works praise Thee, and Thy saints bless Thee,’ says David, (Ps. 145:10). The works of God praise Him by our mouths and by our tongues. Were it not for some few that by a more divine light and spiritual eye see more of God than others do, what glory should God have in the world? God has not brought us on the stage of this world to be mere gazers, but to extract something out for our own use, and to give Him the glory of His excellencies. But we are too wise to admire anything. It is a matter too mean for our parts to take notice of God and His works. You have some that can see nothing in the works of God worth the admiring; and yet they will have men’s persons in admiration, in hope of some advantage by them. We are apt to admire any outward excellency, like the disciples, before the Holy Ghost came upon them, who stood admiring of the goodly stones of the temple. When our minds are thus taken up, it were good if we heard Christ speaking to us as He did to them, ‘Are these the things you wonder at?’ (Mark 13:1).


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