December 24: Robert Loughridge

Our post today comes from Rev. David T. Myers, our founding writer.

Dear readers of This Day in Presbyterian History!

Yes, I know that this is Christmas Eve!  But a post on Robert McGill  Loughridge  is not out of the question, since he was born on this day, December 24,1809, in Lawrenceville, South Carolina.  And what his calling to is unique in this day!  He was all his life as a missionary to the native American tribes of our great land. 

Much of this early  years are not given to us in the historical records.  His family, and earthly life are not detailed for us in the the pages of history.  We know that his college years were at Miami of Ohio, from which  he graduated from in 1837.  We know that  he followed up his college training at Princeton Seminary, but only for one year. Upon the death of his father, he returned home, but continued up his calling to spiritual work by being taught by his pastor for two years.

Licensed and ordained  to preach  by the presbytery of Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April  1741, he was appointed as a missionary to the Creek Native American tribe.  He appeared before the leaders of that tribe with the request to begin a school for their children AND to preach  to them and their parents the glorious doctrines  of the Bible.  He was turned down flat by the Indian chiefs and their families in the matter of the gospel, but was given permission to begin the school for the native American families.  

To this, our missionary replied that if the gospel of the Lord Jesus was not to be included in his calling to them, then he would  have to go to some other native American tribe!  They discussed his statement for several weeks, and then gave him permission to teach and spread the gospel of the Christian religion!

Missionary Rev. Robert Loughridge would stay and minister the blessed good news of the gospel, for the rest of his life.

Words to Live By: 
Faithfulness to one’s calling, especially  in  gospel proclamation, is essential as a servant of the Lord.  Let us all reconnect to our spiritual calling this Christmas season, in the new year, and beyond, whether it be in the home, through our  occupations, and out the church doors.


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