December 6: A Sabbath Meditation

Our Sunday post comes from the July 1933 issue of Christianity Today. That would be the original publication, which ran from 1930 until 1949, not to be confused with the ongoing journal under the same name. We plan to bring a biography of the author, Rev. David Freeman. at another time. For now, we pray you are edified by today’s short message.

The Comfort of the Scriptures. A Devotional Meditation
by the Rev. David Freeman, Th.M.

[excerpted from Christianity Today, 4.3 (July 1933): 6.]

“Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift.” – II Corinthians 9:15

The heart of the Christian breaks forth into grateful praise for Christ. The whole being is stirred when He comes into view as the One sent by God. This is the joy of salvation.

It is because Christ is a gift that the heart overflows. He was not owed to us. God did not need to send Him into the world. The Father was not compelled to redeem mankind. When He did send His Son, there was given to us what we as sinners had no right to expect. All that was coming to us was condemnation. God in Christ showed mercy to us.

Who can estimate the greatness of God’s gift to us in Christ? What He not divine? Every divine attribute is ascribed to Him. And did He not, knowing that He came from God, and would go back to God, give Himself a sacrifice to satisfy divine justice? The Word of God teaches nothing if it does not teach this.

As sublime as He was, and what tongue can tell of His greatness!, He toiled night and day and finally submitted to the death of the cross for us. “Who can speak His matchless worth?” “Who can sound His glories forth?” We can only stand in wonder and awe, but describe we cannot. He is God’s unspeakable gift. Even in heaven the Redeemed will be able only to offer praise.

Every mercy which is ours now is so because of Christ. Do we ever think of attributing the mercies of every day, temporal as well as spiritual, to Christ? Do we think matters would be the same with us if Christ had not come as a gift? We are to remember, it is because of Him, God gives us freely of all things. He is the ground of every blessing; the gift of every gift.

Is “thanks” enough for Christ, God’s unspeakable gift? We often say the word. It is easy to repeat. It is so quickly forgotten.

How did the Apostle say it? How grateful was he? When he broke out into praise, he did nothing less than cast his soul upon the bosom of Christ. His whole being throbbed with gratitude. He was moved form the very depths. A song of praise was upon his lips. He accepted the unspeakable gift. A man does nothing less when from his heart he thanks God for Christ. This is the way to accept God’s gift and there is no other way.

“Dear Lord, while we adoring pay
Our humble thanks to Thee,
May every heart with rapture say,                              
The Saviour died for me.”


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