January 3: John Knox’s Anchor

Our post today is a brief one, draw from the pages of CHRISTIANITY TODAY, as published by Samuel G. Craig, founder of the Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Company. This magazine was the journal of record from the confessional or conservative perspective, for events of the modernist controversy in the early 20th century. The magazine began in May of 1930 and continued through the years of the depression. As P&R turned its efforts to publishing books, the magazine was then only issued annually, 1941-1949, before ceasing altogether. The publication we know today by this same name is an entirely separate effort, begun in 1956 and originally based in Washington, D.C. With bit of history aside, we turn to our post for today. While short, we pray you find it something to seriously consider and take to heart. May the perfect, finished work of Christ be your anchor, too:–

John Knox’s Anchor

“I pray not for the world, but for those whom thou hast given me . . . for them also that shall believe on me through their word.”
–John 17: 9, 20.

When the great Scottish Reformer lay dying he asked his wife to, “read where I casts my first anchor.” She read him the seventeenth chapter of John. As he cam to speak of “the clean, pure, innocent Lamb of God who was damned in the presence of an earthly tribunal that we might be absolved before the judgment of God” the rugged Scotsman’s heart was melted to pathos and his words fused into poetry. “Thou hast sealed into my heart remission of my sins which I acknowledged myself to have received by the precious blood of Jesus Christ once shed.” The atoning death and the blessed continuing intercession of the Highpriest of our profession were the anchors of this strong man.

–Wm. C. Robinson.

[excerpted from Christianity Today (old series, 1930-1949), vol. 7, no. 7 (November 1936): 159].


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