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Our blog is hosted by the PCA Historical Center, located in St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Wayne Sparkman, director of the Historical Center, authored a few of the entries for our blog in 2012 and beginning in 2013 he will be the one writing most of the material posted here at This Day in Presbyterian History. Mr. Sparkman is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary (M.A.R.) and Covenant Theological Seminary (M.Div. and Th.M.). He has been the director of the PCA Historical Center since 1998 and maintains standing as a Certified Archivist.

Throughout 2012, most of the entries for this historical devotional were written by the Rev. Dr. David T. Myers.  Now retired from the gospel ministry, Mr. Myers grew up in a  Christian home and received Jesus as Lord and Savior at an early age.  With his wife Carolyn, he served the Lord in Canada and the United States, planting two PCA churches in the Midwest and pastoring two established churches in Pennsylvania, before retiring in 2004 to central Pennsylvania.  He has one married daughter, and five grandsons.

[Note: David’s father, the Rev. David K. Myers, wrote an autobiography titled Preaching on the Plains. For information on how to order a copy of this most interesting autobiography, click here. The table of contents, and later, several sample chapters, were posted here.]

But back to David T. Myers, he has a B.A. degree from Highland College, a M.Div from Faith Theological Seminary, and a D.Min from Covenant Theological Seminary.  He has written two books on Christians of the Civil War, and a book on Reformed Worship.  He offers this internet book on Presbyterianism to the Lord’s people in both pulpit and pew in Presbyterian and Reformed congregations in the United States.


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  1. Becky Davis’s avatar

    Pete and I will be looking foward to your website.

  2. Vaughn Edward Hathaway Jr’s avatar

    David: I’ve enjoyed the posts so far. Have you thought of getting a page on a social network? Your subscribers would automatically be spreading the articles because their friends would ne alterted to them too.

  3. Ask Mr. Religion’s avatar

    Great site and service!


  4. John McFarland’s avatar

    Dear Dr. Myers: I live in Lawrence (KS) and so I am a friend of Ann Stegall. Thanks for putting this together, and I am grateful Ann alerted me to it. Makes me wonder what other treasures I am missing “out there” … even as I know there is plenty of garbage! I have a gift/curse for seeing typos … and I offer this just in case you find other ways to use this great content. I think you mean EVENTUALLY in the sentence below. BUT I praise God for all your articles which do glorify God for His grace in our Presbyterian heritage. ~ Pastor John McF. (of the RPCNA)

    So vocal was he that evidentially the church became known as “The Church of the Patriots.”

  5. archivist’s avatar

    Thanks for catching that. It is now corrected.

  6. David Chism’s avatar

    It appears that this is a WordPress website. I had a quick suggestion to make these great articles more searchable for hopefully other Presbyterians and seekers! The URLs of each articles needs to have the Title of the article to be searched better by the Search Engines. Example: thisday.pcahistory.org/Civil-War-Presbyterian-Stonewall-Jackson

    Hope this makes sense. Just a quick settings change within the settings of your site.

  7. Janet MacDougall’s avatar

    Dear Sir

    In your comment about Principal Witherspoon, you call him Jonathan. Is this correct?

    In every source I have been able to find, he is called John.

    Could you correct this.

    Have you ever looked at the front of the old Presbyterian publications building on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia?

    The building is now a bank.

    It has a stone front with shields of all of the reformed groups which went to make up the
    Presbyterian connection in the Middle Colonies. Very interesting indeed.

    Your site is very interesting. Perhaps some comments about Presbyterians other than Americans would be interesting too.

    Janet MacDougall

  8. archivist’s avatar

    You are of course correct. It is John Witherspoon. To have slipped and called him Jonathan, I must have Had Jonathan Edwards in the back of my mind.

  9. archivist’s avatar

    For at least this first year, we have decided to focus almost entirely on American Presbyterians. Perhaps next year, Lord willing, we will begin to branch out a bit.

  10. Jo Meiners Barrett’s avatar

    I left a reply on May 9th–not sure my name or contact was with it, so will leave a note here for you as well. Harry Meiners was my father. I can supply the needed info you mentioned in the article about him if you’d like to contact me. Thank you!

  11. archivist’s avatar

    Thank you, Jo. I’m simply slow this week in tending to comments and all.
    Yes, Paul was very gracious to send along your mother’s files of missionary prayer letters, which were most helpful. There was some duplication of material, but also a great deal of content which we did not previously have in the Historical Center.

    I look forward to discussing all of this with you further. Please use my email address, archivist {AT} pcahistory /DOT/ org.

  12. Deborah Chrisman’s avatar

    Dear Authors of this website,
    שלום !
    I just found the article about the history of the Bible Presbyterian Church with my grandfather, Charles Dana Chrisman and Francis Schaeffer, including a newspaper clipping/picture of the two of them.
    Could I have your permission to post the whole article and picture on Ancestry.com under my grandfather’s name? I would write courtesy of PCA history or WordPress or what you would prefer I use.
    I am thrilled to come across some historical things about my grandfather as I had the privedge of growing up knowing him! Thank you so much, for Jis Kingdom, Deborah Chrisman


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