October 26: Wm. Swan Plumer – On Humility

Our subscribers have noted our recent problems with this blog, a software glitch which apparently showed up sometime Saturday and continued through until late Monday. That problem is now resolved and we’re back up and running. But it does make us very aware of how we must depend upon the Lord moment by moment, for we can so easily be rendered powerless and all our own efforts are found insufficient to deal with what comes against us. In a word, humility is the lesson that should be learned. And more than that, an utter dependence upon our Lord who is our Creator and Sustainer. Thanks to our subscribers for bearing with us and pray that we would have greater wisdom in dealing with these technical matters in the future.

On the Utter Necessity of Humility in Theological Studies

plumerws02“It therefore becomes a matter of great practical importance how we shall treat the mysteries of the religion we profess to embrace. The errors on this subject are two. Some give up all that is mysterious as untrue, or at least doubtful. Others pretend to explain every thing so as to make it comprehensible. The former go in the open road to infidelity. The latter travel the parallel road of rationalism. If God teaches a truth either by nature or revelation, we err, just so far as we hesitate to receive it. There is hardly any better test of humility of mind than our treatment of inscrutable things in religion. Pride of intellect is very turbulent & delights in the persuasion that it is as God knowing all things. He, whose reason is never surpassed, whose reasonings are never confounded, whose philosophy is never nonplussed, is a poor self-conceited creature, who will in the end be found to possess only the folly of fools. Let every man love whatever his Creator teaches. If he cannot measure the azure vault above him, he may still perceive that it is there. If Jehovah hides himself, he is still Jehovah. If salvation is wonderful, God so revealed it from the first. Therefore, beware lest you come boasting rather than praying, lest you use great swelling words of vanity, rather than the fitting petition, ‘Open thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.’ (Ps. 119:18).”

Something for all of us to consider.


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