July 6: To Make a Peaceful Church.

A Godly Witness to the Truth of the Gospel

From the pages of the May 1853 issue of The Covenanter, a brief but useful piece by the Rev. Moses Roney, a Reformed Presbyterian pastor who himself lived a brief but useful life [1804-1854]. And it is with a shorter post today that we trust will allow you more time to think upon this needful message:


1. Remember that we are all subject to failings and infirmities of one kind or another.

2. Bear with and not magnify each other’s infirmities. — Galatians 1:5

3. Pray for one another in your social meetings, and particularly in private. — James 1:16.

4. Avoid going from house to house, for the purpose of hearing news and interfering with other people’s business.

5. Always turn a deaf ear to any slanderous report, and lay no charge brought against any person until well founded.

6. If a member is in fault, tell him of it in private before it is mentioned to others.

7. Watch against shyness of each other, and put the best construction on any action that has the appearance of opposition or resentment.

8. Observe the just rule of Solomon–that is, leave off contention before it be meddled with. — Proverbs 17:14.

9. If a member has offended, consider how glorious, how God-like it is to forgive, and how unlike a Christian it is to revenge. — Ephesians 4:2.

10. Lastly, consider the express injunction of Scripture, and the beautiful example of Christ. — Ephesians 4:32; 1 Peter 2:21; and John 18:5.


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