July 19: Service of Uniting, Ascension Presbytery

Joining & Receiving (1982) – Ascension Presbytery (PCA), Service of Uniting.
Shown below is the program from the Service of Uniting the Presbytery of Ascension (PCA) and the Pittsburgh Presbytery of the RPCES. Official union of the two denominations occurred on June 14, 1982, This Service of Uniting took place about a month later on July 9th, at the First Reformed Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh. With the Joining & Receiving, Ascension Presbytery had a total of thirty churches on its roster. By 1993, growth of the Presbytery allowed the creation of the Pittsburgh Presbytery and then later, in 2010, other Ascension churches were ceded over for creation of Ohio Presbytery. Currently Ascension Presbytery has sixteen churches on its roster.


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