August 24: Mind Your Manners

A word to the wise….

Five Things to Be Avoided When Called Upon to Preach in Strange Churches.
by Dr. Doddridge

I.  Do not chose texts which appear odd, the choice of which vanity may be supposed to dictate.

II.  Nor a text of censure. This is assuming.

III.  Nor a text leading to curious and knotty questions: then it would be said you preached yourself.

IV.  Do not aim to eclipse the minister of the place by an extraordinary display of talent. This is unkind. But,

V.  Chose a text of an ordinary, edifying nature, connecting doctrine and practice together, still not a doctrine in respect to which there may be at that time much division among the people ; this, I think, does not belong to a stranger.  Deliver the discourse with urbanity and Christian feeling ;  you will then be welcome a second time.

[The Charleston Observer 14.21 (11 July 1840): 1, col. 6.]

Words to Live By:
Certainly we’re not all pastors. So how might the rest of us profit from today’s post? How can you turn those admonitions to good advice for when we are visitors?
1. Bring your humility with you when wherever you go.
2. Keep your opinions to yourself, Don’t be condemning of others.
3. Keep your strange ideas and conspiracy theories to yourself as well.
4. Think better of others and don’t seek to show off in front of others.
5. Use your words to good effect. Seek to edify others, pointing them to Christ, whether directly or indirectly by your words.


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