January 28: Leroy Jones Halsey

Leroy Jones Halsey
served First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS,

Biographical sketch [PTS Bio. Catalog (1933), pg. 103]—

Born, Goochland County, Virginia, January 28, 1812. Educated at the University of Nashville, graduating in 1834. Tutor at the Univ. of Nashville, 1835-37. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1837-1840. Stated Supply, Cahaba, Pisgah and Centre Ridge churches in Alabama, 1841-42. Ordained on March 21, 1843 by the Presbytery of Clinton. Installed as pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, and served there 1843-1848. Pastor of Chestnut Street church, Louisville, KY, 1848-49. Stated Supply, South church, Chicago, IL, 1861-62. Editor of Interior, 1876. Professor of History, Pastoral Theology and Church Government at McCormick Seminary, 1859-1881. Professor emeritus, and acting professor of Theology and New Testament Literature and Exegesis, 1881-83; acting professor of Church Government, 1883-1892. Died on June 18, 1896. Honors conferred include the D.D. degree, by Hanover College, in 1853 and the LL.D. degree, from South Western Presbyterian University, in 1880.

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